Personnel Development

Often, personnel development is understood as employees attending vocational training or in-house education.
But the term "strategic personnel development" has a much broader meaning:
Its aim is to enable people, teams, and organisations to successfully and efficiently cope with their tasks so that they achieve the company's objectives, and to face new tasks energized and positively motivated.

Strategic personnel development considers the complete cycle of an employee  from succession planning through hiring and employment until an employee departs the companys.

For instance, have you ever considered how the knowledge, experiences and business contacts of your Key Account Manager will be transferred to his or her successor — before your Key Account departs?

In this way, strategic personnel development is strongly connected to organisational development.

Some of the topics and tools of personnel development that I consult and support on are:

  • (Partly) structured job interview
  • Onboarding plan
  • Team building
  • Qualification and training
  • Motivation of employees
  • Staff surveys
  • Performance review
  • Step-by-step plan of escalation
  • Exit interview

When building those tools, it is important that that they fit exactly for the purpose and needs of your company and mesh with your company's existing management structure.