Organizational Development

Organization development (OD) deals with the design and development of organizations.

The large topic of change management is part of OD, but OD also includes everyday adaption needs. The boundary between change management and OD is often blurred. OD is a process of self organization (with the assistance of external facilitators) where all stakeholders work together. The inclusion of affected employees is especially emphasized.

The force driving organization development might for example be changing market conditions which require the appropriate adjustment of organizational structures. Or it may be structures that have grown over time and with the accumulation of employees now need clarifying, enhancement and/or (re)definition because they have led to duplication and inefficiencies—some tasks may never be completed.
Or maybe the assessment of psychological stress risks at work has shown room for improvement which needs to be addressed.


I can offer experience and expertise on the following OD topics:

Design of internal procedures

  • The definition, clarification, or redefinition of accountability and responsibilities ("who is doing what in coordination with whom", covering for absentees, duty rosters, the regulation of vacation leaves, and so forth)
  • Information and communication structures

Development of Mission Statement

Reflecting on, adjusting, and/or creating a complete description of the organizational culture.

Development of Strategy

Starting with an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, perceived opportunities, and threats (SWOT-analysis), existing strategies are adjusted and/or new ones are developed.